Traffic Violations – New York State

The attorneys at Stein & Stein have successfully represented Long Island, Queens, and NYC clients in connection with thousands of traffic tickets and violations.

We have the knowledge and experience to maximize our clients’ chances of a successful outcome from appearance tickets charging crimes under the Vehicle and Traffic Law, to minor offenses.

Stein and Stein Criminal Attorneys/Former Prosecutors - LI, NYC

For most non-criminal charges, Stein & Stein can appear in court on your behalf, ensuring that you need not miss work or other important obligations in order to fight the charge.

We guarantee that we will provide the expertise you deserve to bring about the most favorable decisions allowed by the judicial system. You can read first hand why past clients have chosen us.

The manner in which any specific ticket will affect a motorist depends in large part upon that motorist’s driving abstract with DMV. Stein & Stein has a direct link with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which permits us to run clients’ driving abstracts from our office. This allows us to advise each client with precision as to how particular tickets will affect his or her driving privileges.

Driving with suspended driving privileges or suspended vehicle registration are criminal charges. Pleading guilty to such offenses subjects a motorist to a permanent criminal record. Stein & Stein represents individuals charged with such crimes in District and Criminal Court daily. In most cases, we are able to secure a reduction of the charge to a non-criminal offense, thereby ensuring that our clients do not end up with a criminal record.

Underage impairment zero tolerance

Lesser, non-criminal traffic infractions, such as speeding, failure to signal, etc., can also carry substantial penalties. While pleading guilty or being convicted after a hearing of non-criminal traffic infractions will not subject the motorist to a criminal record, there are numerous potential negative consequences, including the following:

Fines: Conviction of any traffic offense will result in the imposition of fines and court surcharges. Fines can be hefty. For instance, if convicted of driving without insurance pursuant to Vehicle and Traffic Law section 319-1, the court must impose a fine between $150.00 and $1,500.00.

Points: The vast majority of traffic tickets carry points. Accumulation of points, in turn, can result in the suspension of driving privileges and an increase in car insurance premiums.

Suspension: Conviction of certain traffic violations can lead to suspension of a motorist’s driving privileges.

Revocation: Conviction of certain violations can lead to the revocation of a motorist’s driving privileges. For instance, if convicted of driving without insurance pursuant to Vehicle and Traffic Law section 319-1, a motorist’s driving privileges will be revoked for one year.

DMV Fees: The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles imposes “assessments” upon individuals based upon point accumulation and after conviction of certain offenses. These assessments are financial penalties, akin to fines, which can be extremely expensive. For instance, if convicted of driving without insurance pursuant to Vehicle and Traffic Law section 319-1, the DMV assessment is $750.00. This assessment is in addition to fines and surcharges which have been imposed by the court.

Job Loss: A motorist who earns a living by driving is at serious risk from traffic tickets. Many employers will terminate a driver who obtains or accumulates traffic convictions.

Insurance: Insurance companies assess those whom they insure based upon the insured’s level of risk. Convictions for traffic violations increase risk and, therefore, lead to increased insurance premiums.

If you have outstanding traffic tickets, call us today for your free consultation. We can advise you regarding the possible consequences of conviction and discuss strategies for minimizing or even eliminating those consequences.

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